Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thank Yous

These are Thank You cards that I made completely from CTMH products. I just filled them out for two of my professors to give to them tomorrow during my last day on campus. This semester I had three early lit. courses--two American literature, and one Renaissance lit. And it was somewhat painful for me because its not the kind of reading them I'm interested in. I have to hand it to my teachers though, because I feel like I walked away from the classes with a genuine appreciation for what they had presented. I wanted to make them thank you cards to say that, because since I one day hope to be a teacher, I know that I would appreciate hearing that I'd done a good job from some of my students too. Teachers are often so underpaid and overlooked...it isn't much, but I hope my "thanks" reminds them of what an important job they actually do.


  1. How thoughtful of you Tabitha! I'm sure your professors will be very moved by this. Your cards are super!

  2. Tabitha; I could not find your email address so I'm leaving a comment, here, to let you know that I received your beautiful ATC today! Thank you SO much for participating. Fabulous!