Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Card Crazy!

Since I moved an hour away from my friend Ginger last Spring, I only get to see her about once a month...especially during my school semester. Now that I am done for the Summer, I was looking forward to visiting her today because she shares my passion for paper and Lofthouse cookies and we were able to create all afternoon! It's always hard for me to pack up supplies to work on projects somewhere other than in my art room. I have too much "stuff" and I feel like I never know what I "need." The easiest thing for me to make when I visit her is greeting cards. I find that I usually make cards as I need them, that way they are more personalized...but it's also handy to have some around for the last minute in case I'm busy or something comes up. I refuse to buy cards--ever! I made these 6 out of CTMH paper packs. The paper packs are easy to "grab-n-go" because they already have coordinating cardstock and patterned paper together. I just grabbed my acrylic block case and some sentiment and floral stamp sets and I was on my way. (I borrowed her ink--one less thing to pack). We work well together, because what I don't have, she does, and vice versa. We can also give each other ideas and advice--about art and life! So thanks Ginger for a fun afternoon!


  1. Great cards, great time with your friend! Glad you got that time together.

  2. I love hanging out with you!! I can't wait till next weekend!! I get to see you twice this month YEA!!!