Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

For my amazing Grandma

For my boyfriend's Mom, Patty

For the best mom in the whole world: mine!
I bet that most of us think that our mom is the best though, don't we? I'm lucky have a mom in my life, and better yet to have her in my life as a best friend and wonderful role model. She's survived raising three girls (I'm the oldest) who I'm sure don't appreciate her as much as they should. I am having my family over for a Mother's Day lunch on Saturday (my grandma too!) and I hope it shows her how much I care.
My dad has had a rough time finding work lately with the economy the way that it is because he's a self-employed remodeler and custom stair builder. My mom hasn't had to work since we were little, and she recently rejoined the workforce as a waitress for Pizza Hut. I know she was scared to death, and reluctant at first, but I truly couldn't be more proud of her. I give her alot of credit for going out there and doing what she needed to do for herself and her family--but then again, she always has.
So Happy Mother's Day Mom! And Happy Mother's Day to all you other ladies out there that have supported and inspired your children to be the best they can be. Thank you!

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  1. OMG Tabitha, your atc's are GREAT!!! I love them.