Monday, April 4, 2011

Mystery Mission 2011 Unveiled!

What can $15 buy nowadays? Not much. In this case, it got the adventurous ladies in my art group a bag of "stuff" to inspire them to create a masterpiece for our 2nd Annual Mixed Media Mystery Mission. What everyone turned out for our exhibition yesterday ended up being priceless works of art that reflected bits and pieces of ourselves. I was so impressed by the array of talent. And my months of scouring ebay, antique stores, and trying to think outside of the box with the things I included in their mystery supply bag was all worth it.
Above you can see photos of my completed mission project. Each photo is of a different square in the collaged shadow box. What started out as a blank unfinished pine box, ended up telling my story. If you click on the bottom photo to enlarge it, you may be able to read the excerpt I included with the box at the exhibit yesterday.