Monday, May 25, 2009

Donna's Party

On Saturday I went to Donna's house for our second Yahoo group meeting ever. Donna lives in Schenectady, NY in the historic Stockade, and within the tiniest backyard she has created an artsy and eclectic garden oasis. I loved meeting with her and Helen again, getting to meet Berta for the first time, visiting with Ginger, and even having both of my sisters join me for such a great afternoon. Donna treated us to pastries from Villa Italia and her and Berta passed around vintage lace and ribbons and images to share, and we had the best time chatting. I love that I am starting to be able to put faces with names to some of the most active members of the group. It makes it easier to pick out their artwork when I'm doing swaps now, and I'm trying to tailor what I pick to give to each person based on what I'm learning about their interests and styles and tastes. Sooo much fun! I love that I feel like I'm really making some lifelong friendships.

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