Monday, May 4, 2009

Art With Heart

I worked at my computer all day in my pjs and never even showered! AND all I ate for dinner was a bowl of Corn Pops. What a day!? I finally finished my last final paper of the semester a few hours ago, so I rewarded myself with some much needed creative time and made this heart-shaped ATC for a very worthy recipient, who I cannot disclose at this time. After my final exam tomorrow, and driving in for a course evaluation on Wednesday I am free from school for the summer! Yay! (Except for when I start substitute teaching next week--and I'm very nervous). I guess I better hop in the shower now so I'm fresh and clean for a good night's sleep before my last day at school.


  1. I adore this ATC you made. Thank you for sharing! Congrats on being done with school for a bit and good luck with the substitute teaching; you'll do fine! Best always - Marilyn

  2. Tabitha, your heart is very nice. I love the words "Sweet Family" on it. Great sentiments!