Saturday, March 27, 2010

All The World's A Stage LFB

I created this Little Fat Book page last night for my "Curtain Call" LFB swap. I knew I would be swapping them out today and wanted to be able to participate even though life has been incredibly hectic. I wasn't sure what would come together, if anything, because I was so exhausted, but I managed this. I played with some images from a collage sheet I purchased from Lisa's Altered Art, some old book paper, Making Memories acrylic frame, Tim Holtz adage ticket and game spinner, printed tissue paper, sequin trim, a print out of a stage, and some new Golden Mediums and Molding Pastes from a sampler box I bought at Michael's. My favorite thing about the backside was using the old paper, which was a page out of Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet. I mixed red paint into light molding paste and gooped up the edges and then stamped with bubble wrap for some interest and texture. But what was even more fun was picking out words in the play to put a box around with fine line marker and then color in to highlight. I almost made my own poem out of the highlighed words in the text: "Henceforth, Juliet, is my lady. Too bold the fairest stars, her eyes were stars."

"Fly" Card for Daddy

Okay, I admit, I knew this card would make my dad cry, but I had to send it. I miss my parents so much since they moved to Virginia in December, and I know they are having a hard time getting established there so these lyrics have a double meaning. Dad and mom prepared me to be on my own and survive in the world, but the lyrics are also about me being proud and appreciative of them too. I cry everytime I hear this song and think of my dad. And I love to look at this photo of us when I was little (I have had it posted on the bulletin board over my desk since I stole it from their house before they moved). I combined both the lyrics and the photo to make a meaningful message for my father; I want you to soar too! You guys will make it! And I'll be okay (even though I miss you so much it hurts sometimes!) I love this photo and the lyrics because they represent a simpler time in our lives, where a rope swing in the woods on a sunny afternoon was pure bliss.

Birthday Card for Grandma

Here is the birthday card that I created for my grandma using my new CTMH Veranda Paper Pack and CTMH birthday stamp as well as victorian scrap of a flower fairy...her favorite AND mine!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Famous Women ATCs

Group shot
Queen Victoria Fact (on back): National Pride connected with the name of Victoria-the term Victorian England stemmed from the Queen's ethics and personal tastes which generally reflected those of the middle class.

Princess Diana Fact (on back): Diana's interest in helping young people led to the establishment of the Diana Memorial Award, awarded to youths that show unselfish devotion to causes that were advocated by the Princess.

Jane Austen Fact (on back): Austen was an English novelist whose works of romantic fiction have earned her a place as one of the most widely read and beloved writers in English literature.
I was inspired by a piece of artwork in the Winter Somerset Gallery magazine where an artist used images of women throughout history and celebrated them through the piece. I thought this would translate into a fun ATC swap theme for the In My Vintage Room Yahoo Group. These are my picks for women to celebrate, for no other reason than their images inspired some creativity for me and their stories of power, strength, charity and individuality mark them as women all of us can be proud of.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Altered Blocks

Step One: Choose coordinating patterned paper and cut to size to fit your alphabet blocks (I purchased a set of 50 at Walmart for $12). Adhere patterned paper to each side of the block using gel medium or decoupage glue. Trim any paper overhang away with scissor blade close to the block edge for a crisp neat finish.

Step Two: Use a sanding block or sand paper to "rough up" the edges of the block and blend the paper into it. Sand the front with the letter to dull the paint finish to match the paper as well. (I used a rough grit sandpaper).

Step Three: Choose an ink or paint to distress and color the block edges and letter front that you just sanded. (I chose an antique gold metallic ink to coordinate with the metallic finish of some of the patterned papers.)

Step Four: Embellish your blocks as desired. I chose to add rhinstones and small Prima flowers to adorn the front of the blocks and dress up the letter sides. You may also want to add word strips, collage images, or stamped images depending on the look you want to achieve.
Have fun with it!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Art for Lori

Birthday Card

Altered Blocks

Little Fat Book Page


Celebrating 26 Layout

I wanted to do a scrapbook layout to commemorate the beautiful showing of friendship and artistic talent that I received for my 26th birthday from the ladies in the In My Vintage Room Yahoo Group. When I found this Making Memories page kit on clearance at Target I knew it would be perfect. Now it's a permanent memory in my scrapbook, as if I could ever forget such a wonderful day!