Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Inspired


I just became a "follower" of a whole list of blogs. I am so surprised to see people's art that I have in my ATC binder from years ago! They were once active at Art Connection, where I first began my ATC obsession. It is so neat to see how everyone has branched out with their art. And through their blogs, I was able to find others, and then some more, until I became inundated with gorgeous photography and artwork and personal stories of pain, and triumph, and sexy shoes. The variety of personalities and mediums is so cool, and I absolutely can't wait for the next week of school to be over so that I can spend some time perusing the web for more art and more inspiration, and then sit down and create more of my own.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Easter Bunny Puppy

I often find that I’m complaining because stuff in my life prevents me from the time I would like to create art…but every once in awhile I remember, that it is that “stuff” that inspires me to create art in the first place.

I spent six hours today writing an essay about John Smith and Daniel Boone for my early lit. class. Then I made lunch for Jeff and I. I tried to get creative with Hawaian Luau marinated grilled pork chops and then put colorful sauteed bell peppers and crushed pinapple on top. It came out pretty good! Then in between dishes and laundry, instead of doing more homework, I went to get some photos developed and created this scrapbook page of Brinkley's first Easter. Easter hasn't been a big deal for Jeff and I the last few years because we have had to work, but I saw this little pink bunny dog toy at the store, and I knew when I got home from work it would be a nice treat for Brink after him being in the crate all day. He's so fun to watch with a new toy! He wags his whole body and sticks his butt up in the air and runs around with it until he's breathless. And then finally, he will settle down to chew a hole through it. All of this in a matter of 30 minutes!

But it is moments like these that make me appreciate what I do have, and that is a healthy happy puppy, and a fun-loving companion.

April's Swap Art

ATCs for Miriam's Bird swap

Altered House Swap #1, "My House" front and back

ATCs for Ginger's April Fairy Tale Swap: Snow White

My April ATC Swap: Button Dolls

This is my first blog post and I'm just learning how it all works and working out the kinks, but I look foward to posting my thoughts and my artwork to share with others. I thought I would begin with some of my most recent creations. Above are the Bird ATCs, Button Doll ATCs, Snow White ATCs, and Altered House that I created for the InMyVintageRoom Yahoo Group April swaps. I am lucky enough to be the moderator of the group and receive wonderful artwork in the mail every month from a dozen or so talented artists. We have members from Washington, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New York and we are always looking for new artists to share our passion and exhange art with through the mail. It is so much fun, and I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to connect with people through such a fun medium.