Monday, May 25, 2009

Brianna's Care Package

Brianna was just your average bubbly 11 year old until the end of January when she was diagnosed with leukemia. I don't actually know her, I found out about what she's going through from an email bulletin a former scrapbook store owner sends out every few weeks. It's weird though, I felt compelled to want to help her somehow. Art has always pulled me through tough times, and my sister too. I turn to it to distract me, to motivate me, to relieve stress, and to just plain have fun. I proposed to my yahoo group that we "adopt" her and put together a care package for her. Many group members jumped at the chance to pass on some supplies, buy some goodies, create some art, and cheer up this little sweetheart.
The ladies in In My Vintage Room all have such big hearts, I should have known I would have a great response, but the accumulation of papers, stickers, die-cuts, accents, get well cards, and ATCs was absolutely wonderful. I corresponded through email with Brianna's grandmother and mother today to confirm her address and the package will be on its way Tuesday. They already seem so appreciative of anything that will cheer her up and help her through such a fatiguing and unpleasant time.
It feels good to help someone I don't even know, and I'm so happy that everyone joined together to bring a little joy and a little art into Brianna's life. You can help her too with words of encouragement on her guestbook or a donation to the family for travel and medical expenses. Please visit

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  1. This is beautiful Tabitha! And; you're right; art does pull us out of difficult times and helping others, through our art, is always a very special thing. Art with huge hearts. I will keep positive thoughts for Brianna.