Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Haze LFB

"Summer Haze" LFB front

"Summer Haze" LFB back
I haven't had any time to create in the past few days because I have been at work and when I get home I have been exhausted. Tuesday night, I went to Stampassion for the first time since I was at Siena in 2002. It's a cute little store with a neat selection of items I haven't seen before so I was really excited. I also got to see members of my Yahoo group in person again. We sat in the classroom off the side of the store and "played." I was hoping to learn a new technique, but we ended up just taking the time to create and visit. I will probably go again next month with Lori and learn how to use Flower Soft. I was so tempted to purchase the kit and try it on my own but I just bought a few little things instead. By the end of our two hours there, I had created the LFB above, and started a second one. I will post that too, when I figure out how I want to finish it.
I love the quote on the LFB, "Sweet calm days in golden haze, melt down the amber sky." As I mentioned, I've been working alot the past few days, and my commute is almost an hour each way. I have gotten out of work at 6pm and headed home with the sun glaring through my windshield and the heat built up on my dark grey interior. So with my visor and my windows down, my sunglasses on, and my radio blasting I've driven home as the sun sinks in the sky. The closer I get to home and the further north I get, the more I can smell summer. The most special summer days for me throughout my life have been spent at my Grandma's camp on Lake Algonquin. Since Jeff and I moved to Gloversville last Spring, we are a half hour closer to camp than I used to be when I lived with my parents. After a point in my drive home, its difficult to describe the scents that linger in the air, but they make me smile and think of summers splashing in the lake with my sisters, and roasting smores by the patio fireplace, or getting icecream at the little stand we dubbed "the spider shack" for the webs that collect at the top of the A-frame structure.
Driving home, I smell burning firewood, and barbeques, and fresh cut grass. The sky is amber and gold and the sun peaks from behind pine trees and over cow fields, and across miles and miles of country roads. I always complain that I hate driving, and that I hate the commute. It always adds at least two hours to my day and sometimes I just can't wait to be home...but lately, the drive home has been beautiful and it reminds me of what summer used to be about...lazy days and sunshine.

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  1. Your LFB pages are beautiful! Love your touches; that grungeboard is cool isn't it? Glad you had a good time at Stampassion with the club! Enjoy your weekend Tabitha :)