Monday, May 18, 2009

My First Stampassion Swap!

Vintage Children LFB Front

Vintage Children LFB Back

I'm so excited because Lori invited me to go with her to Little Fat Book Club tomorrow evening at Stampassion (a stamping store in Latham). I've wanted to try it out for quite awhile now, but it's a ways from my house so I haven't made the effort yet. They do a swap on club meeting nights, so I made one to join in. I'm looking forward to browsing the store's product selection and meeting some fellow crafters. I met Lori through my yahoo group and this will only be our second time hanging out in person. I love to talk to her on the phone, so I'm sure this will be a blast as well. We are carpooling to the store with her sister and meeting Ginger there. I look forward to posting the art that I get to create surrounded by such great talent!

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