Thursday, June 4, 2009

Neighborhood Nature Walk

I asked Jeff to go with me to take Brinkley for a walk around the neighborhood before I had to leave for work today because I was inspired by Peggy's garden photos and I don't have a garden. I've noticed that many of our neighbors have some lovely flowers, so I "adopted" them for all intensive photography purposes. I tried my hand earlier this spring planting tulip bulbs along my front sidewalk, but I will have to wait till next year to see if anything will come of them. At least the walk got me outdoors and doing something active, and it was fun to take some pictures, even if I did feel a little funny crouching in people's front lawns to get close-ups of their flora and fauna. The best part was, I was able to take a gorgeous shot of someone's garden gate and trellis for my "Garden" LFB. I won't post that picture yet, you will have to wait and see what I make out of it for the June Swap. :o)


  1. Beautiful pics of the flowers Tabitha. We don't need to own them to enjoy them. I am anxious to see the one on the trellis for the swap.