Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Pet ATCs

In My Vintage Room Yahoo Group "Pets" ATC Swap

"Cozy Kitty" (My Casper)

"Sugar & Spice" (Miss Gracie)

"Only Cute Sleeping" (Brinkley)
These are a tribute to the best pets in the world for my June swap. Jeff and I adopted Gracie and Casper from the APF on Maple Ave in Schenectady two years ago and they are my best friends. They are brother and sister cats (the last two there from their litter). They were such perfect animals, but lately Gracie has taken to peeing on Brinkley's dog bed (we brought him home last summer from a Times Union ad). I'm not sure what's gotten into her, and we've taken her to the vet twice already. I feel like we've ruled out urinary tract infection and crystals...and concluded its behavioral (stress). Although my house is small and I'm not thrilled about putting a litter box in our only bathroom...she got her way and won't have to go down to the basement now to use the litter box (now she has two to pick from on two different floors of the house, so she better stop going on the dog's bed!) Other than this, I have no complaints, and I've fallen in love with the dog as well. With Jeff's crazy work schedule, I can never whine about being totally lonely because their antics constantly entertain and their love and adoration is endless. I've very lucky to have such wonderful companions!


  1. Great pet atc's Tabitha! Pets are stress relievers for sure.

  2. Awesome Cards!! The reason I didn't do my personal pets is because I would have to pick from the broad and I would hate to have someone mad at me for not including them. I figured getting a ferret stamp would be safe lol. Maybe I'll do a series of my pets for myself... someday when I have time.

  3. Adorable Tabitha. Love them