Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day! (and Happy Birthday too!)

Good 'ol cotton balls for clouds technique

Hand-stamped with all CTMH sets & inks

Me & my Dad
I went over to my parents' house today to celebrate my dad's birthday and father's day with them and my sisters. Elise grilled steaks and chicken, we had baked potatoes, salad, and cresent rolls--with ice cream sundaes for dessert--YUM! I always feel like my dad gets a little jipped because his birthday is the 24th, and father's day is the 21st so we lump the two events together every year (so I made sure to buy him a few presents). He loves r/c airplanes, and though I don't know much about them I bought him one to play with anyway. I also bought him a new watch and some candy. He's such a big kid at heart, I love to see him smiling. I gave him his father's day card with the plane on it to go with his gifts today, and I'm going to mail his birthday card Monday, so even though I won't be with him on his birthday he will have something fun to open in the mail.


  1. Tabitha; you really create art with meaning and your cards are no exception. Wonderful for your Dad and all!

  2. Tabitha, I just love your cards. You have such great ideas and present them with flair. You are a good inspiration; just wish I had your talent. Helen

  3. Thanks girls, I always appreciate your comments and support. It's fun to know that you see my art and that I might be able to give you some ideas too, because I know I am always inspired by you as well!

  4. Tabitha, I just found your blog. What a great photo of you and dad. How can he ever be gypped with a daughter like you looking over his shoulder?? Love your "camp house."