Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wait! Are those really MY boys?!

More and more often lately I have been noticing Casper, my cat, following around Brinkley, my dog. Every time Brinkley is let outside, Casper faithfully waits for him on the inside of the door to come back in. And he seems ever more curious about Brinkley's toys, food, etc. They have lived together since we brought Brinkley home two summers ago, and while Gracie, my female cat, still seems to loathe the dog for his very existence, I dare say Casper is giving in to his big bro and now strives to be his little buddy. Imagine my surprise when I got out of bed this morning and found them laying together on Brinkley's new bed on my way to the bathroom. I was thrilled to have my camera close enough at hand to snap these photos before Brinkley got up and stretched. I'm not sure how Brinkley feels about having to share his bed, but its pretty darn cute anyhow. Gotta love my boys!

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