Monday, April 26, 2010

Gardening is a way of showing that you believe in tomorrow

I never considered myself a gardener, until yesterday morning when I pulled out from my driveway and saw that the tulip bulbs I planted last Spring have finally started to bloom along my front sidewalk. Last year, after Easter, we had pots and pots of them that we were supposed to throw away at CVS after they died and couldn't be sold. It made me sad to see all those bulbs go in the dumpster. So even though I'd never planted anything before, and didn't much enjoy digging up worms, I made a home for all those cast away flower bulbs along my front sidewalk. I didn't know how deep to plant them, or if it was too late in the season, or how far apart they needed to go or anything. I just painstakingly spaded out one hole after another and placed those bulbs in the ground with the blind faith that this Spring, something might bloom and I'd be rewarded for my efforts with a burst of color. While I've looked around the neighborhood at all the lush tulips and daffodils that have long ago started to bloom, while all I had were leaves...I began to wonder...and then I saw buds of color, and then yesterday whole flowers! How exciting to have created life where there was none! To have added yellows and oranges and reds where there was only green before! Can I call myself a gardener now, perhaps not. But I am happy that I planted a seed and had the chance to watch it grow. Happy Spring!

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  1. That's why Spring brings such hope for us doesn't it? Beautiful tulips Tabitha! xxoo