Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Good Fortune Times 2

Jeff and I got chinese food the other night and there were four fortune cookies in our take out bag. I think they are always my favorite part, and imagine my delight and surprise to have both of my fortunes not only say the same thing, but also be such a nice message "You are original and creative." I'm hoping shoppers will think so too at my upcoming vendor/craft fair endeavors. I have a vendor fair in Burnt Hills on Tues. May 4th from 5:30-8 at Site Solutions across from Gil's Garage on Route 50. And on Sat. May 8th I'm doing my first craft show at the Galway Fire House on Route 147 from 10-4pm. I'm so excited. I have a ton of creating to do in between school assignments the next few weeks. Luckily my semester is almost over! :o)


  1. They sure got this right! You are beautifully original and creative! I also love your exchange pieces below - awesome! xxoo

  2. Now, that is karma seeking you out!