Thursday, January 21, 2010

Valentine Inchie LFB

LFB front
LFB back

This is the LFB that I made for Fran's Valentine Inchie LFB Swap for the In My Vintage Room Yahoo Group. It required that we use three of the inchies that were traded back to us in her Valentine Inchie Swap. I used inchies by Helen, Ginger, and Miriam on my LFB. I also used vintage book pages and amusement ride tickets, dresden scrap I just purchased from, images from Cynthia Hart Victorian calendars, K & Company Valentine paper, and assorted rhinestones.


  1. All of your art, here, is beautiful. Love your inchies and LFB pages! Love the picture of your cat, too! xxoo

  2. I agree with everything Marilyn says. Your work is truly wonderful, and I enjoy viewing each and every piece.

  3. I LOVE this inchie.... so full of lovely details. Your cat in a bag is a sweetie :)

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.... I am glad you liked the combination.. I shall look forward to seeing your inchies plus wordles. Wordles are such fun to do.