Saturday, July 25, 2009

Congrats Marilyn!

Marilyn, you are the winner of my Blog Reader Contest! With a stroke of luck, I believe I will see you at Lori's art party today so I will bring your prize to you this afternoon. Thank you for your ongoing interest and supportive comments on my Blog. It's nice to know someone is out there enjoying what I do! Thanks again and Congrats!


  1. Tabitha! I was SO surprised to win your Blog giveaway. Thank you! Love the Close to My Heart stamps - I'll be using them for sure! Your gathering at Lori's was awesome and I was so happy I could be part of it! I really miss seeing everyone and I intend to see you more :)

    Love ya - Marilyn

  2. I'm glad you could make it to the party. You, and your art work are a welcome (re)addition to the group! Thanks so much for spending the afternoon with me/us! :o)