Friday, May 7, 2010

Twinchie Trinket Boxes for Craft Fair

I started with these blank two inch paper mache boxes that came in kraft and cream. Then I punched patterned paper or images into two inch squares to decorate the tops of the little boxes.
These are the tops of all 34 trinket boxes after the decorative paper has been trimmed closer to size and attached and sealed on with matte gel medium.

After the gel medium dried, the fun part was choosing various jewels, buttons, flowers and doo-dads to adorn the tops of the boxes.
Finally, I cut squares of quilter's batting to fit inside each one to cushion and protect the necklaces customers may or may not choose to put inside.
And voila! In one day I have a great set of little trinket boxes to sell at Galway's craft show tomorrow!

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