Saturday, May 22, 2010

Festival of Windmills!

Well, Ginger and I got to St. Mary's in Amsterdam to set up around 9:15 am....and around 4:30 began to pack up. We were a little disappointed (yet again) at the turnout, but at least we got to visit with each other. We got alot of nice compliments on our work and a good response in general, but not a great sell through at all. Again, at least we won't have to do much to replenish our inventory for the next one, whenever that will be. These craft fairs seem like a lot of work for little return on time and investment--but I guess that's why you have to love your craft and just enjoy sharing it with others any way that you can--and I thankfully do. :o)


  1. Tabitha! Just keep at it; it's a lot of work, time, and effort. The fairs are tricky; I have to say, I've gotten discouraged, with them, but you create beautiful things - both you and Ginger and the rewards will come. It's all about timing and this time of year; so much is going on every weekend. Just don't give up! xxoo

  2. Hi Tabitha,
    Michelle and I have been through the same thing too - a lot of work for a little return. As long as you are doing what you love, and make enough to cover your costs, I still think that is ok. The best part is doing it with a friend, so you get to visit, like you said. Good luck!