Saturday, May 15, 2010

Exciting News! My first Twinchie Box Custom Order!

After the Galway Fire Department craft fair last Saturday, I stopped at a small antique store on Rt 29 in Galway called Wisteria Lane. It's a sweet shabby chic store and I came to find out that the owner is very supportive of local artists and always looking for new and interesting things that fit in with the look and feel of her store. It just so happened that she loved my little trinket boxes and ordered a dozen for me to tailor to what appeals to her customers most: birds, cats, dogs, flappers and older vintage women. I'm so excited to have my first custom order to fill. I finished these and plan to drop them off on my way to work tomorrow. I'm hoping they will be just what she envisioned and more!


  1. Tabitha, These are great boxes! I bet the owner of the shop will be delighted to have them. Congratulations on your custom order - hope many more will follow!

  2. Congratulations on your first custom order. You do great work and I bet these are just what the owner's customers are looking for.