Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 1 of Beeswax Collage Spree

8x10 Beeswax Collage Group Shot
Pansy Cupid 8x10 Beeswax Collage
Lilac Princess 8x10 Beeswax Collage
Garden Reader 8x10 Beeswax Collage
Dreamy Rider 8x10 Beeswax Collage

These are the 8x10 Beeswax Collages that I made to sell at Wisteria Lane Gift Shop in Galway,NY. I'm lucky I found someone so close to home that supports local artists and that my style fits into her shop. I'm hoping she'll meet with success in reselling these pieces and that someone will really enjoy displaying them in their homes! I think they all came out great, except Garden Reader--whose composition is actually my favorite--I tried something new and it caused some buckling of the image. Still lovely in person with the texture of the beeswax to hide some of the imperfections that the flash of the camera caught. I might have to keep that one for me.


  1. Thank you Tabitha for your message on my blog and I see you have been busy. These beeswax collages are beautiful and I know how much fun they are to do. I hope you sell them all. Just wonderful.

  2. Fantastic Tabitha! Oh these will sell - no worries! xxoo

  3. yea, i lucked out and she bought them all for her store!

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