Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mini Accordian Albums

I made this album as part of Jeff's birthday gift so he could take it to work and display it on his desk. I used some more recent photos of us at the park with the dog, and others from this past winter outside, and made it a collection of photos of us and our pets, which for now in our lives, is our little family.

I made two of this album to send to my grandma and my aunt and her family as thank yous for our visit. Some great family photos that were ten years over due...since that was the last time I've seen this part of my family the time was very special. I got the idea for these adorable, affordable and easy accordian albums from Maura & Sheila's blog. These ladies are full of helpful tips and awesome ideas for paper crafting! I chose not to use the pockets in my album, but they are envelopes to store tags for journaling and extra photos!

1 comment:

  1. Tabitha I think this is wonderful and I hope he appreciates all the work you put in it.
    What a sweet gesture for someones birthday. Love it.