Monday, November 16, 2009

Go B-P Boys Soccer!

I have the privilege of student teaching in the Broadablin-Perth school district this semester and I am currently placed in the high school. My cooperating teacher is the JV soccer coach, and the Varsity team has made it to States. I was able to attend last week's Veteran's day sectional game against Potsdam at Colonie High School. They won 2-0 and it was a ton of fun to see the students I have in class grinning from ear to ear after every goal and capturing some moments for them on camera.
I had Jeff drive me out there and help me cheer them on in the cold. At least it was a sunny day, and it was a perfect excuse for me to play with my camera's zoom lens. I think its the first time I have really gotten to use it, and it amazed me how clear and close up the pictures looked even though I was sitting at almost the top of the bleachers and they were yards and yards away! These were two of my favorite shots. I wish the boys the best of luck this weekend.

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