Friday, October 16, 2009

Christmas Inchie Swap

These are inchies I created for Fran's XMAS Inchie swap in the In My Vintage Room Yahoo Group. She's so clever to have us create 6 inchies and she's swapping them back and having us use three on an LFB for a swap. I'm so excited about this new twist, and my first substantial attempt at inchies. It was a ton of fun!


  1. Tabitha; your inchies are so charming! Love them and maybe I'll be getting one-YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! Have good weekend............Love, Marilyn

  2. Tabitha - I love your inchies and can't wait to see them in the up-close! I'm happy everyone is having fun with these little work's of art...I LOVE INCHIES, thanks to Kerri!
    Hope to see you on Tuesday...