Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bees Wax Workshop

My first attempt at Bees Wax Collage on Canvas

The lovely ladies in Marilyn's Workshop
Fran, Helen, Elaine, Beth, Melanie, Miriam, Berta, Pat,
Marilyn, Matthew, Tabitha, Lori
This workshop was a much needed return to art for me. The past month I have been innudated with school work and lesson planning while student teachings, and while everyone tells me I need to take time to myself...when I get it, I just sleep or watch tv because I have no energy left for anything else. Today was wonderful. I love this group of ladies and it was an awesome time (even thought I missed Ginger and Elise (and Peggy and Donna)).
Marilyn RockS! She led our group on a journey through the "beauty of bees wax" and I got to see the magical adhesive/sealant bring our collages to life before our eyes in a process much more involved, yet much more simple than I could have imagined. I think this is something I could really get into!

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  1. Tabitha! Wonderful post and your beeswax collage is amazing. I was in awe of all of them during our workshop. It's a privilege to be among you and all.

    I also love your scrapbook layouts and the boxes, from the Mystery Missions, are all incredible. I wish I could have seen them in person. I checked them out on the group - WOW!

    Stay well and I, too, missed, Ginger, Elise, Peggy, and Donna. Maybe next time.......thank you for everything! Love, Marilyn xxoo