Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Fly" Card for Daddy

Okay, I admit, I knew this card would make my dad cry, but I had to send it. I miss my parents so much since they moved to Virginia in December, and I know they are having a hard time getting established there so these lyrics have a double meaning. Dad and mom prepared me to be on my own and survive in the world, but the lyrics are also about me being proud and appreciative of them too. I cry everytime I hear this song and think of my dad. And I love to look at this photo of us when I was little (I have had it posted on the bulletin board over my desk since I stole it from their house before they moved). I combined both the lyrics and the photo to make a meaningful message for my father; I want you to soar too! You guys will make it! And I'll be okay (even though I miss you so much it hurts sometimes!) I love this photo and the lyrics because they represent a simpler time in our lives, where a rope swing in the woods on a sunny afternoon was pure bliss.

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